The Playas

The Playas

Jan 5, 2013

Meet the principal cast and crew of Game Over the series. Complete with character summaries and pictures.





Principal Cast

Jim Kaufman(Kenneth McGregor) swears he’s younger than what he looks. Jim makes crazy outrageous statements that the other employees have slowly gotten use to. Jim is a casual gamer that lives with fellow employee Brock.

Dr. Watson (Brian Anthony Wilson)is a college English professor who appears from time to time usually to give advice to Jason Spungbauer.

Wade Gates (Michael Tambin Yurcaba) is the manager of Games N More. Wade still lives with his parents. Wade isn’t much of a gamer.While Wade is the manager he still is friends with the employees.

Jason Spungbauer (Steve Underwood) is in college and he dreams of being a novelist. Jason is more laid back then his co-workers and often is the voice of reason.

Trey Hightower (Robb Stetch) is a pro gamer whose not quite good enough to make a living from it yet. Trey is a gaming elitist, looking down on people who buy games he doesn’t think are good.

Brock Corman (Jamie Richard) – is a slacker who does as little as possible both at life and at the store. He’s a gaming addict who loves all games from PC to consoles to playing on his cell phone.

Gabriel Van Berg (Will Ball) works at the super market in the strip mall. Looked upon by the employees of Games N More as a very creepy guy. While Van Berg usually means ‘well’ he ends screwing everything up.

Officer Walter (Ryan Nage) is the security office of the strip mall. He takes his job way too seriously and is the target of jokes by the employees.

Jerry Gerbil (Vikram Joshi) is the mascot at, ‘Gerbil World’, a local kids party/entertainment restaurant.

Valerie Hightower (Tammy Jean) a very personable girl, Valerie works as a DJ and frequents the store since her brother Trey works there.

Lei Pingdamutan (Candy Washington) She comes into the store from time to time to give reports back to her father, who owns not only, ‘Games N More’, but the entire strip mall.

Yuppie Parent (Lisa DeRosa) frequents the store asking many of the same questions again and again.

Producers: Chris Pierdomenico and Joey DiCamillo III
Director of Cinematography: Brian Simon
1st AD: Zach Zimmerman
Set Designer: Johnny Walker
Art Director: Mallory Holloway
Boom Operator: Sean Simon, Brian Vera
Script Supervisor: Cheryl Wallace
Lighting & Photography: Marvin Burwell
1st Camera: Brian Simon, PJ DiMuzio, Thomasina Cruz
2nd Camera: Mike Biaselli
Clapper: Lucas McNelly
Grip: Jason Glover
PA’s: Eric Torbio, Brian Vera
Make-Up: Celeste Trusty Abrahams

Director: Dave Bullis
Created by: Dave Bullis

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