About the Series

About the Series

Jan 5, 2013

What is Game Over?
Game Over is a half hour comedy about 5 employees working at a video game store. In each episode the employees find themselves in varying situations as they interact with store duties, customers, other stores in the shopping center and each other.

Pilot Episode
The pilot episode, ‘The Launch Party’ was written by Dave Bullis.  The episode focuses on the launch event of a brand new gaming system, the M3. When Wade brings in a system to give away in a raffle later that night, the employees begin to play it the minute he leaves. When they accidentally break it they have to cover by trying to rig the raffle.

Project History
To give you a quick recap of the history of this project, the show is based upon Dave’s experiences working at large video game retail store for a year and a half.
We had a deal to shoot this at one of the leading game retailers (no names) but the deal fell through. We then were contacted by a local video game store to shoot there. But again the owner backed out leaving the project without a location to film. Luckily, we were able to find a new location quickly but we need to build a set now which has increased production costs.

We will be filming in April at Sun Center Studios in Aston, PA.

The Impact
Seemingly almost everyone plays games now, whether on their computer, cell phone or even TV. This project will hit home with a lot of people. The gaming community will really enjoy this show as it’s full of inside references and lingo.

This is also the accumulation of a lot of hard work and dedication, if we can succeed we could bring a lot of attention to the Philadelphia film community and continue the series in the area, if a network picks it up.

This project has already gotten the attention of news media and can bring more attention to the growing Philadelphia area film community.

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